Personal Training

Personal Training:

Personal training is an important tool in helping people reach their health goals, quicker. We believe fully in our group training method, but we also believe and understand individual coaching is necessary and very much needed to help fast track people toward their goals.

This one-on-one or small group setting allows you to work towards your goals in an intimate, fast track setting. Beginners, intermediate and more conditioned members can benefit with the guidance of your own personal coach. We work around your schedule, and work with you to make sure every session is individually tailored to your goal and fitness level.

Nutrition 1-on-1:

Whether your objective is to lose weight, gain muscle or perform better in the gym – what you eat is the foundation to how you look, feel and perform. Do you want to reach your fitness goals and transform your health? With nutrition coaching you receive support and guidance based on your goals, lifestyle and dietary concerns to help you get long lasting results. 

We have teamed up Patricio and Cristina, also known as 2BeFit (please highlight 2BeFit) to bring our members the option of participating in group nutrition challenges, or 1-ON-1 coaching. Whether you’re a member of CrossFit Marbella or not, send them a message to find out more information on how they can help you. 

Nutritional Counselling
Physiotherapy & Massage

Physiotherapy & Massage:

Struggling with some of the movements during training?

Got some niggling pain somewhere when working out? Want to move better?

At CrossFit Marbella we have a certified physiotherapist working along with us to make you move better and more efficiently.

Injury prevention, prehab and rehabilitation is key to good overall health and life quality.

Good posture and good movement patterns reinforce proper biomechanics and make you move better during training.

Take that first step, start moving better today!