At CrossFit Marbella we understand that everyone has different goals, everyone is at a different stage of their fitness journey. Our aim is to create an environment and program that guides people to reach their goals, from beginners to seasoned athletes. Through our group classes or individual programming, with your commitment, all can be achieved.

We are here to make sure we set you in the right direction towards YOUR goal.

Individual training or small group training is now a cornerstone of CrossFit Marbella, especially for beginners. We want you to learn safely, and efficiently through our fundamentals program. We also offer individual training to our members who prefer the one-on-one scenario. More about individual and small group training


Designed to take your fitness to the next level. Our CrossFit classes will increase your strength through compound lifts, olympic lifting and gymnastic work. Every class is different, but expect your fitness to take new heights.


Monday: AM 6:15, 7:15, 8:30, 9:45   PM 4:45
Tuesday: AM 6:15, 7:15, 8:30, 9:45   PM 4:45
Wednesday: AM 6:15, 7:15, 8:30, 9:45   PM 4:45
Thursday: AM 6:15, 7:15, 8:30, 9:45   PM 4:45
Friday: AM 6:15, 7:15, 8:30, 9:45   PM 4:45
Saturday: AM 8:30, 9:45  


High Intensity 45-minute classes designed to get you ‘Beach Ready!’ Combine functional movements commonly used in CrossFit, Rowing, Assault Bike, Ski Erg…with some isolation movements and you have the ultimate class to ensure you are ready for the beach!


Monday: AM 7:15, 9:15   PM 
Tuesday: AM 7:15, 9:15  
Wednesday: AM 7:15, 9:15   PM 
Thursday: AM 9:15  
Friday: AM 7:15, 9:15   PM