Originally founded in 2013, CrossFit Marbella was one of the first CrossFit gyms to launch in Spain. Constantly expanding and developing, CrossFit Marbella has now doubled in size to over 550m2, and now offers three group fitness programs across two spaces, CrossFit, BeachFit and HYROX. We pride ourselves on our next level coaching, our world renowned welcoming community of staff and members, as well as a super clean and well equipped facility.

Every day, whether it be through personal training or group class our coaches bring their all to help our members reach their goals. Our programs are tailored to help our members improve their fitness levels, how they feel about themselves and therefore to live a healthier and happier life outside of the gym. We tailor to all fitness levels and capabilities.

Through the application WODIFY our members are able to register for classes, book goal reviews, track their progress, download skill, strength and mobility progressions…and MUCH more!

Each year we are visited by traveling CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world who are visiting Marbella. We love nothing more than to have visitors join us for our classes or personal training, and to meet and train alongside our members.

Inside our facility we have also partnered up with Physio Fitness complete with services of physiotherapy, massage and pre/rehab treatments.

Please feel free to browse around our website to find out more about how we can help you. When you’re done please book your free no sweat intro. We look forward to hearing from you!

Just show up, we have the rest covered.

Richard Ashton

Richard Ashton

Our head coach and box owner Rich, aka “Ricardo”, with a whole range of quirky attributes can easily be described as super friendly with a positive attitude!

With many years of experience in the fitness industry, L3 certified and Precision Nutrition qualified, he is extremely passionate about his box. Since opening CFM’s doors back in 2013, he is continually building his knowledge and developing a solid platform for which the coaches and members can thrive.

Always there to help, to talk to or crack a joke… you can count on him. Except if its about hair-care… you probably don’t want any advice from him.

Ricardo lives in a world where there are no problems…only solutions!

Adrienn Hajkó

Introducing our smiling beauty Adri, all the way from Hungary. Driven, energetic and focused on her desire to learn…whether developing herself as an athlete or coaching her classes, she has the patience of a saint.

Adri thrives on watching people achieve their goals ensuring every individual is moving safely and feeing comfortable, all while making sure they are enjoying every single minute!

A qualified personal trainer, L3 CrossFit Trainer and former pro basketball player…give this plant-based power house a ball or a barbell and she’ll give you a run for your money… always with a big smile!

Adrienne Hajko
Pedro Kenneth Lonnblad

Pedro Kenneth Lönnblad

Pedrito is not only one of our most valued L2 Certified CrossFit coaches, but our in-house Physiotherapist too. Having him in our team is a huge asset to our community of members, and they just can’t get enough of him!

Able to conduct a class in English, Spanish and Swedish, he lovingly devotes time and energy trying to help improve everybody while using an abundance of cues… a guarantee you will never leave a class without learning something new.

Not to mention his awesome dancing skills…so don’t be surprised if you catch him dancing around in the box with a cup of coffee in one hand and pvc pipe in the other! That’s just the way he rolls.


There is nothing that this girl couldn’t solve. From diet plans to mathematical equations to technological issues with computer software…Dora has it covered.

Dora is a L2 CrossFit Trainer and our certified nutrition coach. She lived in London for 8 years where she started her career as a Level 3 personal trainer, and also competed in bodybuilding in bikini division where she placed in the top 5.

That’s when she found her passion about nutrition and helping others to achieve their goals. She won’t just help you to get you beach ready, but she will also educate you and teach you how to build healthy habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

She’s not just a great coach but probably the nicest and kindest girl you ever met… but don’t be surprised when you see her meanly crashing heavy barbells in our CrossFit class!

Sam Foroughi

Sam AKA ‘Sam The Man’ is our man in the gym who can do everything. Since joining our gym back in 2017 he has been a huge part of our community. Sam suited our culture perfectly, he was nice, friendly, always with a smile and always the first person to help. Sam has naturally grown into his role at CrossFit Marbella. He’s our first point of contact to our new members coming in, and he’s the guy who’s in control of our cool social media activity. We couldn’t ask for a better person to help set the vibe of our gym!

Sam is also one of our ‘go to’ people for any of our current members, he’s the guy checking up on you to make sure you’re feeling good, and that you’re in the gym.

Sam is also at the forefront of any events involving CrossFit Marbella, Sam has experience in planning and organizing in his country of origin, Iran. Sam The Man is a man of many talents. Be sure to reach out to him and say hi, whether it’s in the gym or online via our social media!


About Crossfit

CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”. Your journey into CrossFit here at CrossFit Marbella will begin with a free NSI (no sweat intro). Book your NSI here.

Each class is different, but each class is structured with a workout explanation, a warm up, a workout out and a cool down. We have members with fitness levels of all levels and LOVE having beginners with us. 

Your workouts are released a week in advance so you can get excited and prepare for the weeks training ahead. Expect to learn how to use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and much more. We regularly run strength or skill ‘cycles’ over a 4 – 6 week period. The aim of the cycle is to help improve your technique and strength over specific movements used in CrossFit – the olympic lifts and gymnastics for example! 

Your results are tracked through your personalized app powered by WODIFY, and our coaches are by your side in every class to ensure your safety and to guide you when needed. Just show up, we’ve got the rest covered!

We require every new member to book in for a no sweat intro. Book your NSI here. Here our staff will explain the importance of completing our fundamentals program before joining our CrossFit classes. 

If you have completed a fundamentals course and have a minimum of 3 months CrossFit experience at an affiliated CrossFit gym, we allow you to come and try a class, this will be at 15€ drop in cost, with the option to upgrade your membership if and when you decide to come and join us!

About Beachfit

BeachFit classes take place in CrossFit Marbella, and are designed to prepare you for the beach! Each class is 45 minutes. Workout explanation, warm up, workout and cool down. No barbells, but functional high intensity movements. The BeachFit classes are similar to CrossFit classes in many ways, but we take away the barbells and add in some fun isolation movements! 

Each class is different but will have a body part “focus” – lower body (legs, glutes), upper body (shoulders, arms, chest, upper back), core (abdominals, lower back), cardio focus and the world famous “Los Dos Amigos” partner workout!

We require every new member to book in for a no sweat intro. Book your NSI here. Here our staff will go into detail about our BeachFit program, and answer any question that you may have.

If you have completed our fundamentals (or fundamentals in another affiliated CrossFit gym with 3 months experience)….then the answer is YES – 100%! We have lots of our members that take full advantage of both programs. On Thursdays and Saturdays we have our “Los Amigos” program which incorporates both CrossFit and BeachFit programs in one, generally we will have a partner or team WOD on these days.

If you are currently on the BeachFit program but you would like to begin with CrossFit classes, you can speak with a coach to help guide you with what is the best option for you.

About Hyrox

HYROX is taking the fitness world by storm. The race was inspired by millions of athletes around the world who consider functional fitness as their sport of choice. Until now there has not been a measurable fitness race for everybody. HYROX is the ultimate challenge, a perfect combination between strength, endurance and determination.

We require every new member to book in for a no sweat intro. Book your NSI here. Here our staff will go into detail about our HYROX program, and answer any question that you may have.

Absolutely not! Our HYROX style classes will help turn you into a super fit individual whether you decide to take on the HYROX race or not. We have many of our members who also combine the HYROX style classes with our CrossFit and BeachFit classes. It’s important to reiterate that our HYROX style classes (just like our CrossFit and BeachFit classes) are for ALL fitness levels.

Yes you can, and we very much encourage that you do. Please book in for your NSI to find out more information.

About Open Gym

Yes, please check our schedule for open gym times. We do request that you respect any classes or personal training sessions that are going on at the same time. We’ll explain more when you arrive!

Any unlimited membership will allow you to train in both open gym and join group classes. 

About Personal training

Yes, personal training is a big part of our gym and we have many clients who now take advantage of training with one of our coaches. Personal training gives you the freedom to train around a more flexible schedule, and to focus on more specific goals with your coach. 

We also have members who combine their personal training with group classes. 

Send us a message here to book a consultation with one of our coaches.

Feel free to bring along a friend or your spouse!

Yes, you can. This is one of our members’ favourite combinations. Here you get the best of both worlds. Personal training allows you to focus more directly on your goals with your coach, while still being able to enjoy the buzz and vibe of the group class with your friends.

Send us a message here to book a consultation with one of our coaches.

Visiting CrossFit Marbella

The short answer is YES! We love having visitors. 

To join our CrossFit classes we do require that you have completed a fundamentals course and have at least 3 months CrossFit experience in an affiliated CrossFit gym. If this is the case hit the link, follow the prompts and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

If you do not have CrossFit experience or if you would like to try a cool workout you are more than welcome to sign up for a BeachFit class, again hit the link, and we look forward to helping you get Beach – Fit! 

If you are interested in personal training while you are on holiday, please contact us on info@crossfitmarbella.com or if you would like to book in for an InBody scan please contact us at dora@crossfitmarbella.com.

Yes, most definitely. Over the past 8 years we have had many sports teams, bootcamps, CrossFit gyms, weightlifting gyms, and groups of friends who would like to train while in Marbella come and visit us. We offer ‘out of hour’ classes especially for groups, we plan and coach your workout, or you have the option to rent our gym and take full advantage of our facility. Please contact us on info@crossfitmarbella.com for more information.

About Nutrition

As of January 2024 we are excited to announce our partnership with 2BeFit  Founders of 2BeFit Patricio and Cristina are very experienced and popular personal trainers in Marbella (they are also avid CrossFitters). CrossFit Marbella has partnered with Patricio and Cristina to launch a new 8 week nutrition challenge starting from February 25th. Following the challenge, we will be launching a new 1-1 nutritional service available for all CrossFit Marbella members… stay tuned!

If you would like more information, please email us at info@crossfitmarbella.com

About Memberships & WODIFY

We require that all of our members register for their class head of time. Failure to do so could mean that you are unable to train in the class that you wish to. All workouts and our timetable can be accessed through the WODIFY app.

After buying your membership, you will receive a welcome email with the instructions on how to download and set up WODIFY.
If you don’t receive it, just follow these steps:

  1. App.wodify.com (through your internet browser)
    1. Click on ‘Forget Password’ 
    2. Type in your email address and then click on ‘Reset your password’
  2. Open your email and click on the link to set up a new password
  3. Download WODIFY CLIENT APP to your phone (Google Play Store/ App Store)
  4. Login with your email and new password
Richard Ashton is the owner of “CrossFit Marbella” and runs such a tight well organised ship, he is totally motivational and is such a amazing individual – the “CrossFit Marbella” coaches Pedro &  Adri go way beyond the extra mile to ensure they know you personally and your capabilities – monitoring you constantly to make sure the fundamental form, proper technique is correct before carrying out any workout, giving us all tips on diet, resting periods etc.. –all through the workouts they are constantly feeding you words of encouragement. I have made some fantastic friends – and I would have no hesitation in recommending “CrossFit Marbella” they are like family!  I have at last found somewhere that I feel comfortable going to, to get an all over work out, and every time I finish my workout, I come away feeling totally motivated, stronger and fitter so Thank you “CrossFit Marbella”
Shirley Young

Shirley Young

I originally heard about the world of CrossFit from my brother who thought I might enjoy it. Up until that point, my approach to fitness and nutrition had simply been what I’d picked up from magazines and internet but there was no real strategy behind any of it. I started training at CrossFit Marbella just over 3 years ago and it’s simply been the best decision I’ve made. CFM has given me a solid structure and variation to my fitness journey with unrivalled group support and a great feeling of community. My experience at CFM continues to be outstanding. The culture at CrossFit Marbella is amazing and has been created by the top class coaches and community of welcoming members. It is one of support and encouragement. From my early days, the CFM coaches provided high quality programming and did so politely
Alex Bartle

Alex Bartle