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Welcome to Crossfit Marbella

Our passion for CrossFit and fitness will challenge you to push more every day. This rewarding and incredibly addicted form of fitness will make you feel healthier, stronger and fitter. Our individual approach will help you achieve more, sooner than you think. Our highly qualified and experienced coaches are here to help and have your best interests at heart every day.  A supportive and friendly community will encourage and motivate you! All ages and levels of fitness are welcome. So what are you waiting for?

Richard Ashton is the owner of “CrossFit Marbella” and runs such a tight well organised ship, he is totally motivational and is such a amazing individual – the “CrossFit Marbella” coaches Pedro &  Adri go way beyond the extra mile to ensure they know you personally and your capabilities – monitoring you constantly to make sure the fundamental form, proper technique is correct before carrying out any workout, giving us all tips on diet, resting periods etc.. –all through the workouts they are constantly feeding you words of encouragement.

I have made some fantastic friends – and I would have no hesitation in recommending “CrossFit Marbella” they are like family!  I have at last found somewhere that I feel comfortable going to, to get an all over work out, and every time I finish my workout, I come away feeling totally motivated, stronger and fitter so Thank you “CrossFit Marbella”

Shirley Young

Shirley Young

I originally heard about the world of CrossFit from my brother who thought I might enjoy it. Up until that point, my approach to fitness and nutrition had simply been what I’d picked up from magazines and internet but there was no real strategy behind any of it. I started training at CrossFit Marbella just over 3 years ago and it’s simply been the best decision I’ve made. CFM has given me a solid structure and variation to my fitness journey with unrivalled group support and a great feeling of community. My experience at CFM continues to be outstanding. The culture at CrossFit Marbella is amazing and has been created by the top class coaches and community of welcoming members. It is one of support and encouragement. From my early days, the CFM coaches provided high quality programming and did so politely
Alex Bartle

Alex Bartle