At your recent physical, your doctor mentions that you should get body composition tested. You’ve overheard trainers tell their clients how much their body composition has improved. You keep seeing the term pop up on fitness or health blogs. You may smile and nod knowingly when it comes up in conversation, but secretly, deep down, you’ve always been thinking:
“What exactly is body composition?”
If this sounds like you, fear not, you’re in the right place.

Body composition analysis is a trending topic in health, medicine, and fitness because it is a whole-body assessment that gives you the blueprint for improving your health.
When it comes to fitness, the scale doesn’t tell you the whole story. Your body is made up of muscle, fat and water. So, losing weight is not the same as losing fat. Likewise, gaining weight may not be fat. Our InBody 270 Body Composition Report provides extensive data relevant to body composition that can be used to efficiently lose fat, dial in your nutrition, identify muscle deficiencies and more.


Ever wondered what your body fat percentage is? Or how many calories you burn a day in a resting state? What about your muscle mass distribution? Do you think you are equal left leg to right leg, or left arm to right arm, or even upper body compared to lower body? A normal bathroom scale doesn’t give you the full picture, it’s what the weight is comprised of that counts!

How many of us have walked through the gym doors with the goal of ‘losing weight and getting toned’? The problem is that losing weight is a very ambiguous goal to set and consequently stick to. We can easily get discouraged by the numbers that show up on our bathroom scales, but we forget that weight doesn’t tell the whole story. Your body is made up of muscle, fat, and water. So losing weight is not the same as losing fat. Likewise, gaining weight may not be all fat gain.

With the InBody scan, your personalised results provide an extensive display of data relevant to body composition that can be used to efficiently lose fat, dial in your nutrition, identify muscle deficiencies and more! Through the use of cutting edge bio-electrical impedance analysis, the InBody allows for accurate and noninvasive body composition testing in less than 30 seconds! This quick, easy and precise analysis will provide an objective starting point to track your progress.


Your body fat percentage is a value that tells you how much of your body weight is made up of fat. In terms of your overall health, your body fat percentage can be one of the most useful numbers available to you, even more so than your scale weight and much more so than your Body Mass Index (BMI). If you just track weight, this invariably leads to comparing yourself to someone else. Even though there could be significant differences in height, muscle mass, genetics, or other factors, all people hear when they talk about or think about their weight is the number.

That’s what’s so great about your body fat percentage. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh; the only thing that matters is what that weight is made up of. You could be overweight (and even have a BMI that tells you that) but if you’re a woman with a body fat percentage of 25%, why care? It’s difficult to point to any single “ideal” body fat percentage because what may be ideal for a crossfitter may be different than what’s ideal for a marathon runner. For this reason, ranges are used to give people an idea of where they stand in terms of health.

For men: 10-20% is considered normal/healthy

For women: 18-28% is considered normal/healthy

We understand the importance of having these key metrics and we are happy to announce that the InBody scanner is now available to both members and non-members at CrossFit Marbella.


Here are some important guidelines users should or should not do before a test:

  • Use the bathroom
  • Maintain the same testing conditions as your first test
  • Use an InBody tissue to wipe down electrodes
  • Avoid eating or wait 3-4 hours after a meal

Avoid testing if before the test, you:

  • Exercised strenuously
  • Used a sauna, steam room or bath
  • Consumed diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol or medication
  • Have a fever, cold or chill
  • Individuals with pacemarkers or other electronic devices should not use the InBody
  • For woman, avoid testing if you are pregnant or menstruating

1-1 coaching

A growing world-wide consciousness of the relationship between the food we eat and its impact on our overall wellbeing continues to trigger the need for personalized nutrition. We are quickly moving away from one size fits all nutrition strategies and searching for nutrition regimes that suit our unique individual needs.

Personalized Nutrition goes beyond nutritional recommendations, considering behavioral factors like weight loss psychology, eating psychology, food practices, eating behaviors, appetite neurochemistry, emotional eating, stress levels, physical activity, and other factors that may influence successful health management.

This program is designed and created to help support your nutrition goals alongside of your fitness goals.


You will be held accountable, meaning that we will need full transparency and consistency in all your eating decisions.


Your Nutrition Coach will build the program around you and will adjust it optimally through the progress in order to help you achieve your health/ fitness / weight loss goals.


It can be challenging to keep track of your progress or to know what measurements are important to track. With the InBody scan, your personalized results will provide an extensive display of data relevant to body composition that your Coach can use to efficiently dial in your nutrition, identify muscle deficiencies and more!


Teaching you about good nutrition is one of the primary goals of coaching. We don’t expect you to need help forever, but to eventually gain enough knowledge that you can be successful on your own.


Your coach will be there to support and encourage you on the days when you don’t feel motivated or are even tempted to give up, and will help mentally get over those struggles. Your coach will help you keep focused on the big picture and remind you of your past successes.


Are you one of many of us who turns up week by week just to get your workout done because it is the right thing to do?

Fitness is more than just sets and reps, it is more than AMRAPs and EMOMs.

Fitness is not just a workout. It is and should be well rounded both inside and outside of the gym.

Your nutrition should be your fuel and should complement your training.

Nutrition is crucial to optimizing health and performance, it needs to be based on foundations, on good habits that you enjoy and can make it a Lifestyle. Our Nutrition Kickstart program is here to provide knowledge and to help you build that strong foundation.


Scientists estimate that up to 95% of our daily food decisions happen as a result of habits.

The good news is that anyone can train themselves to adopt new automatic behaviors around food!

The 6 weeks long NEW-habits-based Nutrition Program focuses on education and helps to build habits and skills that will promote change for years to come.

Motivation is the push that prompts us to act and to do something differently. If we repeat that action enough times, at some point it will become automatic and effortless. That is a habit. You don’t need to think about it. A habit feels easy.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

6 Weeks New-Habits-Based Nutrition Program

  • Before and After Measurements with InBody Body Composition Analyzer
  • Healthy Habits Kickstart Guide
  • Initial Nutrition Education Seminar (Via Zoom)
  • Two 45 minutes in person consultations
  • Weekly 15 mins Nutrition Accountability Check Ins
  • Access to Coach Catalyst Client Application with Daily Educational Material
  • Access to a private member’s group full of nutrition tips and motivation
  • Personalised Macro Portion Handbook

Research shows that we only have a limited amount of willpower on a given day. What is more, it is harder to take control of our actions when we are already stressed, tired or drained.

Habits persist even when we are tired and don’t have the energy to exert self-control. So instead of manoeuvre around our motivation and self-control when trying to change a behaviour we should be thinking of how to set up new habits.

This is exactly our focus during this program, to provide knowledge and build a strong foundation that you can base your nutrition journey on, on your own or with your Nutrition Coach with the on-going One-on-One Nutrition Program until you are confident and eventually feel ready to successfully continue on your own!

For more information of the next available Nutrition Kickstart dates, please email or