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Introducing The Crossfit Marbella Nutrition Kickstart 2021

As you guys know, we have introduced our first 6 week long New-Habit based Nutrition Kickstart in July. We have some great results and testimonials from our participants and we can’t wait to share it with the rest of you soon!

What is The Kickstart?

So now let me tell you a bit guys what the Kickstart was about:

The week before the program started, our participants had their first InBody scan and their initial consultation, which they left with ‘homework’ of writing a food journal for a week. This was important so we could get an idea about some important habits and were able to adjust the program where it needed to be.

Everyone signed up to our tracking app (MyCoach), where most of the educational and accountability part of the program took place, and also to our Telegram group chat, where we were sharing further ideas, voting on relevant polls and communicating with each other.

Every morning our participants got sent a short daily educational lesson, which was related to the habit that we were working on that actual week.

 So, during the Kickstart we have introduced a new habit weekly (with a few tasks to do) as an additional one to the previous weeks. Simply put, the last 2 weeks were probably the toughest, as by then there were several habits and tasks to focus on daily, which have been built up slowly week by week.

The whole point of the program was to add in healthy habits, not to necessarily take things away.

Our Conclusion

This was the first time we have used a program based on habits, and our conclusions are positive. Even over a short period of time (6 weeks), using habit based nutrition/lifestyle is definitely a great way to see results quickly. It is also a great way to lay a solid foundation to see even greater results over a longer period of time, which is what a “healthy lifestyle” looks like.  In 6 weeks you can learn a lot and be aware of your decisions, which is the most important in the long run.

As during these 6 weeks we were tracking the participants on how they were doing on their daily tasks, we can definitely see a correlation between the results and the tasks completed.

Honestly, before we started the program, we kind of had a thought about how well the timing will turn out as usually summer might not be the best time for most of us. We are busy enjoying and indulging our summer holidays. And as expected, indeed some of our participants had one or a few vacations planned during this period, which definitely affected the outcome. However, it wasn’t too bad after all, we had some feedback that shows that being on the program constantly made them think about healthy decisions, so they didn’t let themselves go so much that they would have done if not starting the kickstart. In other words, the kickstart program gave the guys who had vacations planned some accountability to try to stick as best as they can to the tasks, whilst obviously still enjoying their vacation.

On the other hand, those participants who were completing their tasks on a minimum of 50% (which if you think about it – is very achievable), they finished the program with quite good results. It turns out that keeping up to the principles consistently (that doesn’t have to be 90-100%, but on an average 70-80%) slowly, but surely has its good effects. Concentrating on simple, good habits is the easiest and most realistic method of changing your lifestyle and health to the better in our opinion; and it should be the main focus and base to any nutrition program.

We will definitely bring the Kickstart back soon as it was a success and has the potential to get more of our members on a different level and mindset about health, exercise and nutrition.
A big shout out to our superstars who participated in our very first kickstart, it was a pleasure for me to work with you guys, thank you for being so nice! I look forward to working with you all in the near future.

– Dora 🙂